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Cold Duck featuring Giampiero Scuderi (TEASER)

What’s up everybody!! I’m getting closer to my new smooth jazz single release..Here’s a taste of what’s coming…Enjoy and please SHARE..At a later time I’ll also share with you the “story” behind the title track (so like Chris Brown says, “please don’t judge!)..the many guitarists I auditioned and the awesome musicians, producers and engineers I had the pleasure to work with…Stay Tuned!!

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Meet The Newest Member of My Writing Team

As a songwriter, I’m always looking for new ways to express myself beyond using my Korg keyboard workstation. I’m not always at the keyboard when the creative juices start to flow or when I get an awesome idea for a song. I get inspired a lot by nature, things I observe, conversations I have or more »

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Music Business Question Of The Week

I was a member of a singing group for  a long time, but I recently left the group to pursue a solo career. While I was with the group, I wrote a lot of the tracks and other members wrote the lyrics.  I kindly asked for my tracks back and they refused to give them more »

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Tina Clark /Anthony Clint Jr. Teams Up Again!

MR. Team AC/TC… Making Music Like Magic!
(Indie Music Biz Radio)
Indie Music Biz Radio (IMBR): You worked with songwriter/producer Tina Clark on her first smooth jazz single “Pearl” from the EP “Nikki Ruth”..Were you at all surprised when she asked you to join her on this latest single “MR.?
I was probably more excited than surprised when more »

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My Music On GHP Radio Streaming 24/7

The weekly online radio audience has doubled every five years since 2001 and the Online Radio audience now reaches an estimated 57 million people age 12 and older per week.Ten percent of all Americans age 12 and older report weekly listening to the Internet Radio service Pandora.When asked to choose among Television, Radio, Newspapers and more »

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